Honoring The Wyoming Checkerboard Wild Horses

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For three weeks, I observed as wild horses were rounded up and removed from three Herd Management Areas in Wyoming. There were moments that I got to spend with these horses when they were not being chased by helicopters but were still free with their families, and I will always treasure those moments when they let me into their lives.


“Wild Stallion Turns” by Carol J. Walker

This gorgeous black stallion was very protective of his small family, one mare and her foal. When he was not watching me curiously, he was wheeling around to keep the other horses who had also come to the water puddles to drink away from his family. This was taken in the Great Divide Basin Herd Management Area.

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“Wild Stallion and Mare” by Carol J. Walker

My encounter with this wild family touched me profoundly. As I drove near this family with the gorgeous Kinney Rim behind them, I noticed that the stallion on the left and the mare on the right were quite old, and the way that they behaved together, I imagined that they had been together for many years. They had a young palomino filly with them. They were so much a part of this wild and beautiful land. This was in the Salt Wells Creek Herd Management Area of Wyoming.

This image can be found here on my website:



These two images can be ordered four different ways: as fine art prints suitable for framing, as gallery wrapped stretched canvases which are ready to hang, as prints on metal, or as prints on acrylic.

For more information about our wild horses on our public lands, and what you can do to help them, please visit www.WildHoofbeats.com and www.WildHorseFreedomFederation.org

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  1. We have a family horse. I personally spend hours sending out emails, letters, and phone calls working to save our precious wild horses. They are our icons of the West, they deserve the best of lives, there are plenty of acres for them to live their natural lives. We must stop the greed, the ignorance, the insensitivity of human kind. The ignorance that exists, and the greed is tragic indeed. How can we educate the public, to have them learn how precious and majestic these intelligent horses are. Stop the BLM from giving priorities to the cattle industry which are private businesses where they pay pennies for cows to use the public lands supported by us tax payers. The public lands belong to our wildlife and that definately includes our wild horses.

  2. Your photos are incredible and truly capture the serene beauty of these wild horses as they should be…living peacefully and free. Thank you for sharing your gift and for advocating for our horses.

  3. I’d like to know more about your organization. I support the protection of all horses. Your pictures are beautiful.

  4. It is so unforgivable when the BLM rounds up these magnificent horses who love each other and are a family. They are charged with protecting them and yet they cater to cattle ranchers whose cattle destroy the land. It’s all about MONEY.

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