Horse Photography: Photographing Horses in the Snow II – Happy New Year!

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After the snow has fallen, and the sun comes out in the afternoon or the next day, you can have a beautiful untouched snowscape for your photographs. If the sun is shining and there is snow on the ground, you will have a very bright scene, because the snow will reflect the light.  You need to decrease your ISO to …

Horse Photography: Photographing Horses in the Snow Part 1 – Happy Holidays!

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My very favorite time to photograph horses is when they are in the snow. As long as I am bundled up so that I am not cold, I can stay out for hours photographing. There are two different times I do snow photography – when it is snowing, and after it has snowed, and cleared up.  Today I will discuss …

Horse Photography: Photograph indoors with flash when the weather is bad

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Of course it is also good to photograph OUTDOORS when the weather is bad, but that will be another post! Today I am going to talk about photographing in indoor arenas. There are a number of different ways to approach this, and it all depends upon your equipment and the facility where you are shooting. You may have seen shows …

Horse Photography: Get out and photograph Wild Horses 1

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I was giving a talk on Monday about our wild horses at Medicine Horse in Boulder, CO, and one of the last things I left people with was that wild horses are on our public lands, and they should try to get out and see them while the wild ones are still out there, wild and free. There is a …

Horse Photography: Photographing Horses on an Overcast Day

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Not every day will be bright and sunny – and that is a good thing! I have taken some wonderful photographs on overcast days. One advantage to shooting with overcast is that you do not have to be concerned about your human subject squinting and the light is more even. Also, you can shoot longer into the day instead of …

Horse Photography: What to do with no good backgrounds?

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Have you ever found yourself going to a location to shoot photos of a horse, and being disappointed when you arrive by the backgrounds?  I have been to some farms that have lots of clutter and no pretty views or trees.  At that point, I need to get creative. One of my favorite options is to use the barn.  You can use …

Horse Photography: Take Advantage of the Season – Autumn

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A beautiful sorrel mustang mare running in front of the aspens Photographing horses, we are lucky to be outside most of the time.  Make the most of your opportunities when the seasons turn, and provide you with a  palette of colors. Right now it is fall in Colorado, and when I was scheduled to do a shoot in the mountains, …

New Images from the Celebration of the Spanish Horse In Las Vegas 9/1 – 9/4, 2010

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Here are proofs from the Foundation of the Spanish Horse’s Celebration Show in Las Vegas 8/31 – 9/4, 2010. Dressage/Sport Horse: Doma Vaquera:  Musical Freestyle/Mexican Heritage Freestyle:  Theater of the Spanish Horse: Performance Classes/Idol/Parade of Champions: Order form: