Carol Walker Presents on Wild Horses at R Gallery in Boulder on February 28

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Carol J. Walker Presents “The Tonic of Wildness” about America’s Wild Horses

7 pm on Tuesday, February 28, 2023

R Gallery+Wine Bar 2027 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302

Carol will also be selling and signing her books, including her newest award-winning book, Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert.

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  1. Hi Carol!
    I sure wish that I could join you at your Art Studio in Boulder this Tuesday. I live to far away to be able to come. I will, however be watching you via internet.
    My name is Joni Wammack and I am a proud owner of quite a few of your photos. I’m wondering if It would be possible to pre-order before your show? Thanks. I’ll look forward to hearing from you. Joni

    1. Post

      Hi Jodi,
      It’s actually an in person talk on wild horses at a gallery in Boulder, not a live show on Facebook, so there isn’t anything to pre-order. I am hoping the gallery will be recording the presentation so those who cannot attend can watch.

  2. Hey Carol-
    I found away to add a very stunningly Blue Zeus photo to roam (and he is on the move!) to roam my walls including, of course-Picasso along with others.

    I did realize this is an event at your Art Studio in Boulder. Possibly to read your and discuss your newest attributes with the most fantastic and amazing animals that roam our earth. Still-I’d love to be there. Heading to the beautiful south and northwest of the USA is always a treat. I’ve been after my husband to move your way for dozens of years- Colorado is a fantastic place to be. We’ve been there many times to hike.

    Thanks for the reply. I’d like to say one more thing.

    “Thank you” for the hard work you do from your heart and your camera. It’s quite a pleasure to connect with you. Plus, to follow the most amazing dusty and intelligent creatures on the planet is truly a gift.

    Thanks Carol.

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