Looking Glass Protects His Family

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Looking Glass is on alert

When I visited Looking Glass and his family last month in Lost Creek, Wyoming the first thing I noticed was how tense Looking Glass was. He is normally a very relaxed stallion, easy to approach and spend time with. He kept looking north. I realized quickly that I was not the cause of his tension.

Looking Glass

Donata coming from behind mother Grace with sister Tory

Donata and Grace

The reason for Looking Glass’ tension soon became clear. A beautiful young black bachelor stallion was trying to come down toward the family, no doubt to see if he could steal a mare.

The black stallion

He did not have any interest in getting close to me. But I could tell the mares were quite a temptation for him.

As he got closer, Looking Glass had had enough. He chased him away.

Donata and Grace

Donata and her dad Looking Glass

The mares did not seem concerned about the interloper. Who then was joined by another, younger bachelor stallion. But Looking Glass just had to look toward them and they moved down the hill out of sight.

Two bachelor stallions keep their distance

Brenna, Looking Glass’ first mare

Keeping an eye on the bachelors

I was not concerned. Looking Glass is a tough stallion and he will keep his family safe.

Brenna, Donata, Grace and Looking Glass

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