Wild Horse Talks

Carol Walker has been presenting talks on wild horses and on photography all over the country for the past 14 years, for a variety of different groups and organizations including the following:

Casper College, Denver University, Cana Foundation, American Equine Summit, Backcountry Horsemen, Colorado Photography Clubs, Equine Affaire in Ohio, California and Massachusetts, Western States Horse Expo in California, Rocky Mountain Horse Expo, Public Libraries in Colorado, Galleries in Colorado.

Her 15 years of experience following, documenting, photographing and advocating for wild horses makes her uniquely qualified to educate people about the lives of wild horses and the challenges facing them in the United States.

She has shown slideshows of her images of wild horses set to music with her talks, and she finds that when people are allowed to see what wild horses look like in their homes and natural environment, they are often inspired and moved to want to help keep them wild and free.

Carol also speaks about photographing horses and wild horses.

Contact Carol to schedule a talk for your organization.