Freedom at Dawn

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Looking Glass at Dawn

Handsome wild Leopard Appaloosa stallion Looking Glass is a favorite of many visitors to the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming. I have watched him win a mare and foal, and observed him early in the morning while driving into the area for the past 2 years. He is a very mellow stallion and not concerned by much, and I have not seen him move at more than a walk this year, but on this early morning I stopped my vehicle to watch him, and he was on one side of the road, and his mare and foal were on the opposite side. He looked at me, looked at them several times, then decided he needed to get over to them, and took off at a trot right in front of me, much to my delight. At this time, he is still free.

This image looks best in color as the dawn tint in his eye and coat brings out the beautiful spots.

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