Horse Photography: Consider the breed you are photographing – Andalusians

Carol WalkerBlog

This week, I am attending the Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse’s Celebration Show in Las Vegas,
so it is appropriate for me to discuss photographing different breeds of horses, with this week’s feature on the Andalusian. When photographing horses, consider the breed of the horse you are photographing when you select what types of photos you will take, and what features of the horse you want to emphasize. Looking at breed magazines will help you see what they are looking for, and also ask the owner what features of his or her horse they want to emphasize.

Mane flying

In the case of the Andalusian, the stallions usually have spectacular hair, so take some motion shots and try to catch the moments when the mane is flying.

High Action at the trot

Andalusian owners love to see a showy high action trot, so when you are taking trot shots, capture that high action. Don’t just concentrate on the typical trot shot with legs stretched out.

Close up with eye

Spanish horses typically have big beautiful eyes, so wait for a moment when all that hair moves out of the way, and that beautiful eye peaks out.
Last, the Spanish Walk is a lovely signature movement for this breed. Catch the horse when the front leg is extended and high.

Spanish Walk