Horse Photography: Take Advantage of the Season – Autumn

Carol WalkerBlog

A beautiful sorrel mustang mare running in front of the aspens

Photographing horses, we are lucky to be outside most of the time.  Make the most of your opportunities when the seasons turn, and provide you with a  palette of colors. Right now it is fall in Colorado, and when I was scheduled to do a shoot in the mountains, I wanted to make the most of the beautiful fall colors.  Right now, the aspens are turning yellow in the mountains, and so I placed my subjects in front of the colorful trees.   Get out and enjoy the fall, and remember to bring your camera along!

Shade from the leaves dapple horse and rider in front of fall colors

Don’t forget there are other seasons to take advantage of as well – my favorite season to photograph is winter, when there is snow on the ground.  Budding spring leaves and grasses with their rich green tones are beautiful to use as backgrounds as well.

Horse and rider against the rich fall colored leaves