Horse Photography: Use Backlight to Emphasize the Outline of Your Horse Subjects

Carol WalkerBlog

Backlight adds drama to this image of a cowboy and the horse herd

Light is the most important tool that a photographer can use.  In this post I will discuss backlight, which is different than direct light.  When you are using backlight, you are shooting directly into the sun, which is behind your subjects.  Use the lens hood on your camera lens to minimize flare.  The best time of day to do this is early in the morning or late in the afternoon when the sun is lowest in the sky.  The effect you will achieve is the details of your subject will be darkened.  You can get a glow around your subject as well.

Wild Horses at sunrise create a dramatic silhouette

You can capture a dramatic sunrise or sunset in the background, which will add drama to your images. Find out what time the sun will be rising or setting, and where, and place your subject in front of the sun.  The subject can also end up all black, in a silhouette which is beautiful for artistic images. Practice using backlight in different settings and at different times of the day.

A silhouette gives a feeling of intimacy in the image