Spanish Stallions are Stunning in Black and White

Carol WalkerFeatured Artwork

Black and White photography captures the drama of the Spanish stallions in Spain as they run and move and interact. I have a passion for Andalusian stallions, for their pride, beauty and gentle nature.

“The White Stallion’s Mane” by Carol Walker

This stunning Andalusian stallion runs head on toward me in a covered arena in Spain, long white mane flying.

“Black and White Stallions” by Carol Walker

Two Andalusian stallions who are friends come close together as they are playing in Spain.

“White Stallion Glows” by Carol J. Walker

A stunning pure white Andalusian come close enough to see his eye as it is lit up by the light streaming into the arena in Spain.

“Two Gray Andalusians II” by Carol J. Walker

Shades of gray are on display with this image of a younger dappled gray stallion and an older now pure white stallion. Both are considered “grays.”

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