The Last of Winter

Carol WalkerFeatured Artwork

I had a wonderful trip visiting horses in Alberta, Canada in February, and it was the coldest week of the year! But the horses were beautiful and seemed to thrive and enjoy showing off despite the very cold temperatures.

“Two Clydesdale Stallions Run”

These two beautiful Clydesdale stallions were running in their pasture with great abandon and thundering hooves.


“Two Gypsy Stallions”

These two stunning Gypsy Vanner stallions know each other well. It is always fun to watch stallions coming close together and interacting.

“Percheron Stallions Move Through the Snow”

These four black Percheron stallions move together in the snow.

“Three Colorful Horses in the Snow”

These three very colorful Quarter Horses, palomino, grulla and sorrel make a stunning color pallet against the snow.

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