Three Day Fall Workshop at Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary

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Beautiful grullas

Three Day Horse Photography Workshop at the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary September 2-5, 2015

There will be six shoots total, morning and late afternoon.

This will be limited to a very small group of photographers, only 6 Just One Spot Left as of 7/22/15

Cost: $1600 per person.  The majority of the proceeds go to benefit the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary.

Deposit to sign up: $800, final balance of $800 due by July 20, 2015. Payment accepted by Credit Card, Paypal or Check.

Colorful Pintos

The Spanish Mustangs

This workshop provides the best possible opportunity to photograph wild horses because in the setting of the Sanctuary, you are guaranteed to have subjects available to photograph, and to be able to get close to subjects in a way that you cannot in the wild. We will have opportunities to shoot many large and small groups of wild horses in spectacular settings. We will be able to get close to horses for breathtaking close up portraits and also be able to shoot horses that are wilder and more difficult to approach out in the more remote areas of the Sanctuary. We will get to observe wild horse behavior as the horses play together, move to water and interact with each other.

Close up

Mutual Grooming

The Sanctuary is a wild and peaceful place, and the horses are free to roam. Staying onsite is a very special and unforgettable opportunity.

There are the beautiful Spanish Mustangs, many groups of striking paints, the 4 colorful stallions who live together, and the recently rescued and stunning Adobe Appys. Every horse at the Sanctuary has a story, and we will be learning about many of these stories from the staff and interns who will be our guides. We will drive out into different areas by truck and will take advantage of the best light at the beginning and end of the days.

Close Ups

Early morning

On the first day before we head out for our shoot, we will have a one hour presentation on wild horse behavior. In the middle of the day on days two and three, there will be a two hour presentation on photographing horses, editing, some basic Photoshop tips, and whatever participants would like to discuss in the Media Room.

Diamond Girl, her foal and her friend

Sundance and Snowfall

This workshop will be suitable for photographers with familiarity with their cameras and photography, and is not recommended for beginners. We will be jumping right in photographing the horses, and there will be no time for beginning photography instruction. However, Carol does teach hands on in the field, and will giving tips and coaching throughout each shoot. It is a great opportunity to learn and to improve your skills while photographing these very special wild horses.

Dusty and Painted Desert


Price includes shared accommodations with shared bathrooms at two cabins at the Sanctuary. If you would like to stay in a hotel in town 12 miles away, take $150 off the cost. There are several hotels in Hot Springs including a Best Western, America’s Best Value and Super 8.

The closest airport is Rapid City, South Dakota about 1.5 hour drive from the Sanctuary. There are many other places to explore in the surrounding Black Hills before or after the Workshop.

A Spanish Mare

Close enough to photograph eyes

Arrival is midday on September 2, our first shoot is in the afternoon. Two shoots per day on the 3rd and 4th, then a morning shoot on the 5th, and leave by noon on the 5th.  There will be breakfast and lunch available to buy at the cook shack at the Sanctuary, or you can bring your own food to cook at the cabins.

Beautiful colors

More information about the Black Hills Wild Horse Sanctuary can be found on their website:

To sign up for the workshop, or to get more information, please contact Carol Walker. Accommodations are first come first serve.


Theodore at a run

Almost Sunset