Wild Horses of Sand Wash Basin

Carol WalkerFeatured Artwork

One of my favorite things about visiting the colorful wild horses in the Sand Wash Basin Herd Management Area in Colorado is spending time with the stunning wild stallion Picasso.



“Picasso Turns” by Carol J. Walker

Picasso turns and looks at another stallion while spending time with his family at the waterhole.

This image and be ordered as a fine art print or as a gallery wrapped stretched canvas. It works best as a a rectangle. The code for ordering the image is: fineartcolor-334-PicassoTurns

And it can be ordered here:



“Buckskin Stallion Comes Close” by Carol J. Walker

The gorgeous buckskin stallion Bugs emerges from the dust while he is visiting the waterhole with his family.

This image is available as a fine art print or as a gallery wrapped stretched canvas, and it works best in a rectangular size. The code for ordering the image is fineart-335-BuckskinStallionComesClose

and it can be purchased here: