Equine Photography Class For Taos School of Art in Taos, NM September 18 – 24

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You love these Creatures – Horses. They are so profoundly beautiful that it takes your breath away when you suddenly come across them running free in a field.  From the palpable Spirit of an Andalusian Stallion, to the Sweetness of a Donkey, some of us are always moved in any encounter with the Noble Equine.

Have you longed to capture these feelings with your camera, but don’t really know how to go about it?  If so, we invite you to come join us for a week-long workshop led by the inimitable Carol Walker. Under her knowledgeable and enthusiastic guidance, we’ll visit many different Equine settings to photograph over a dozen different breeds . ( and one surprise herd of buffalo !)  See below for a schedule of our daily visits to 2 or more Barns, Fields and Mesas where all these beautiful horses await us.  Our days will be full: lots of horses; camaraderie; and a few extras such as a tour of Taos Indian Pueblo , a visit to the Spanish Acequias, and  the occasional picnic. One evening it is possible to arrange for an extra Sunset ride in the nearby mountains. On the last day, we will travel to a remote Mesa to see a band of Wild Horses for our Grand Finale.

Along with all this fun, you will be learning a great deal about the nitty-gritty of getting great photos of horses and their people. We  start out with some detailed information covering all the basics you need to know as well as set aside time each day for individual evaluation of your work. Each participant receives a copy of Carol’s book : HORSE PHOTOGRAPHY – THE DYNAMIC GUIDE FOR HORSE LOVERS.  This will be our guide for the week as we cover such topics as: Location and background; Setting up the horse; Sharpening your eye;  Digital vs Film, Which lenses are necessary and how to use them;  All about light; Explaining Aperture priority & Shutter speed; Using Photoshop;  Choosing angles, Dealing with weather; Point and shoot vs SLR; Getting the gaits at their best; Approaching  Wild Horses; and, how DO you get those ears up?  This rich opportunity is intended as an educational experience and will not be set up for ‘Stock’ Photographers.

Our class is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. With the horses as our Muse, we all will succeed in our dream of expressing their magnificence in our images.

Come join us ! Cost: $740

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