Horse Photography: Use your Position for a Better Photo

Carol WalkerBlog

Releasing the horse so he can run in - this time I am standing upright

I just got back from an amazing trip to Camargue, France where I was able to photograph the Camargue horses in a number of wonderful settings.
Today I will be talking about adjusting your position in order to get a better photograph, using a couple of images from the trip.

Down low - the ears are in the horizon line

We were at the beach, and normally I would say get low to get a better shot – these are small horses, and usually I tell people to get eye level or below with their subjects. However, this time that was not good advice! With the beach dropping down from where we were standing, when I got low, I had the horizon cutting across behind the horse’s head.

Shooting from higher up the horizon disappears

And when I stood up and got my angle higher, the horizon disappeared from behind the horse and I could crop it out, making for a much more pleasing photo and emphasizing my subject. Always try different things, and see what you like.