Hope for Wild Horses as the Day Dawns over Salt Wells Creek

Carol WalkerFeatured Artwork

I am calling this piece “Hope.” Two weeks ago I was driving toward a mountaintop waterhole and the sun began to rise. As it peeked over the hill I could see a family of wild horses standing in front of the rising sun. And suddenly I heard the thunder of hooves – many hooves! There was a huge group of horses, more than one hundred, running toward the waterhole with the sunrise behind them! I caught my breath at the amazing sight.

“Flying at Sunrise”

They ran together in families, strung out in a long line, and could hear their breath and feel their hooves pounding. It was a thrilling and inspiring sight – I had not seen this many horses together here in Salt Wells Creek since before the roundup last winter.

The horses did not stop at the waterhole, but turned and headed toward a pasture. I could see horses in front and horses behind. And what I was thinking, once my thoughts were organized again, was how majestic and beautiful these horses were, and was reminded of how important it is to preserve them here, where they belong on our public lands, with their family. And I have hope for change in the future. Hope for a place in our hearts and on our public lands for thee wild horses, running into the future with abandon.

“Flying at Sunrise II”

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