Meet Wild Stallion Gadriel and His Colorful Family

Carol WalkerWild Horse Tales

In May, as I was looking for wild horses in Arapahoe Creek, I saw several bands at a distance. I looked for a two track that might take me nearby, and was soon traveling toward three wild horse families. One of these families had a gorgeous black and white stallion and three pinto foals, a stunning dappled grey mare and two pinto mares. I spent some time walking toward them. At first, they seemed concerned about my presence, but after moving out and around, settled down to graze.

The mares and foals look at a distant family

Black pinto mare and colt with Gadriel move out

Settling down to graze

Napping in front of the snow covered Wind River range

The sorrel pinto filly seemed fascinated with me and kept watching me. I think I was likely the first human she had seen.

The sorrel pinto filly

The next time I encountered this amazing family was a month later in June. They were in the same area, and when I approached, the stallion I named Gadriel came closer and close to me, as if he were trying to figure me out. I had never seen this family before, and I could tell they had not been together before the 2020 roundup because there were no yearlings or two year olds. I was just as fascinated by him as he was with me.

Gadriel walks close

Portrait of Gadriel

The black pinto mare and colt snuggle

Stunning dappled grey mare and colt

In that early morning it was a joy sitting and spending time with them. The two black and white foals were both colts and the sorrel pinto was the only filly but she held her own!

Girls Rule!

The next day I saw the whole family coming back from watering, and was finally able to get all three foals together in one image.

All three foals

It is a true privilege when a family of wild horses lets me spend time with them, and let me into their world for a short time. It is a gift of peace and connection that I treasure, and I hope to continue spending time with them in the years to come.

Gadriel Comes Close