Horse Photography: Capture Details for a New Point of View!

Carol WalkerBlog

Cremosso's Eyes

Close up of Cremosso

When you think about horse photography, you might think of a photo of a horse standing, or maybe running, and that image could be the whole horse.  But if you want to try something new and different, concentrate on details. Details can be the close up of a horse’s eye. Step back and zoom in, and observe what reflects in the eye – is it you or something else in the background?  Are the eyelashes in focus?  Did you catch the gleam of light in the eye?  That will really make your image pop. 

Tail braided for an exhibition in Spain

Spanish Carriage Horse's Tail

 Zoom in on a braided mane or a tail, like the photo of this carriage horse from Spain, or zoom in on the feet as they travel.  Think about tack and clothing, and get close for a shot of  a cowgirl’s boot and/or spurs.

Fancy Foot

Cowgirl's Boot

Think about the shapes of a horse’s body and the curves, and see if you can show the details of the curves.  Does the horse have spots or splashes of color on his body?  How about focusing on an interesting shaped mark?  There are no wrong choices, and part of improving your skills as a photographer is trying new things, and looking at your world and what you are photographing in a new way. Focusing on details can help keep your images fresh and exciting.