Horse Photography – Choosing the right lens length DOES make a difference

Carol WalkerBlog

Have you been having trouble with your images of horses? Does the horse’s head look elongated and silly, and does his body look disproportional? You may be using too short a lens on your camera.

[box type=warn]If you photograph a horse while standing very close and with a short lens, say 28mm or 35 mm or even 50mm, you will get results like this:[/box] Close with short lens

The short lens distorts the image. Horses‘ heads are already long and so are their bodies. If you want a humorous image, then by all means use your short lens close up. But if you want a quality conformation shot, I recommend going to a longer lens. The longer lenses compress the horse’s body and head and make a more pleasing representation. I recommend using at least a 100 mm lens and preferably longer, like 200 mm. If you like the flexibility of zoom lenses, one of my favorite lenses for shooting domestic horses is the 70 – 200 zoom.

In summary, to improve your photos of horses, use a longer lens and step back.