Meet Donata, Lost Creek’s Newest Wild Appaloosa Foal

Carol WalkerWild Horse Tales

by Carol J. Walker

Grace and Donato

As I was driving in Lost Creek before dawn, I was in an area where I had been used to seeing the wild Leopard Appaloosa Looking Glass and his family. I had not seen him, however, since last October. Suddenly I saw horses off the road, a huge group which as soon as I got out of the car resolved itself into four distinct families, all grazing near each other. Looking Glass had been staying near a grey stallion, Storm, and his very colorful family for the last two years, and now Looking Glass had stolen a stunning palomino pinto mare named Grace from Storm, and she had a new foal! I have been impatiently waiting for Looking Glass’ first Appaloosa offspring, and here she was, a very young buckskin blanket Appaloosa.


It was clear that Grace was very proud and also very protective of her new foal.

When Donata wandered over to her dad Looking Glass, Looking Glass curiously looked down at her. I did not see any sign of ill intent, but Grace was taking no chances! She moved her baby away as quickly as possible.

Donato and Looking Glass come close to each other
Get away from my baby!
Safe with mom

When I saw them again the next day, I enjoyed watching Grace protect Donata and then the three of them together.

Looking Glass watches out for his family as he grazes.

My sincerest wish is that Donata gets to grow up wild and free in her home in Lost Creek, and have a family of her own someday. All our wild horses should remain wild and free on our public lands, in their homes, with their families.

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