Wild Salt Wells Creek Stallion is a Survivor

Carol WalkerWild Horse Tales

In the spring of 2013 while I was visiting and photographing the wild horses of Salt Wells Creek, I encountered a stunning blue-eyed stallion who made me laugh with his funny expression, listening to a stallion behind him and his family.


I had no idea that I would encounter him again  – there were roundups in Salt Wells Creek in 2013, 2014 and 2017 and I have felt very lucky to encounter some of the horses I have known still in the Herd Management Area.

In 2019 he ran by me one morning as a group of horses moved to water. Older and more mature, he was an awesome sight!

Just a week before he and his family were rounded up in November, 2021, I saw him moving with them on a cold, windy day, and I told him to look out and stay away from helicopters. Unfortunately he was captured and separated from his family. But when I went to the release of some of the stallions back into Salt Wells Creek on November 26, I was delighted to see him jump out of a trailer. He stepped high, proud and undaunted, showing off for the photographers.

This spring, I returned to Salt Wells Creek, and saw him clearly thriving, although and older stallion. He has one new young mare who he guards closely, and no one messes with Scarface!

My hope for him is that he is allowed to live the rest of his life wild and free in his home in Salt Wells Creek, and that the Bureau of Land Management’s plans to zero out this iconic herd is stopped. Follow my blog at http://www.WildHoofbeats.com for updates and to see how you can help.