Horse Photography: Getting the Ears Up

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Horses show their interest and their attention with ears. When you are photographing horses, you want to show the horses at their best: interested, attentive, friendly – all those things, so you want to photograph them with their ears up. There are many different ways to accomplish this task. First, consider the horse that you are photographing. Is the horse …

Press Release: Photographer Carol Walker Shares Secrets of Successful Horse Images

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Multiple-award winning photographer Carol Walker reveals the secrets to creating dramatic, exciting images of horses in her new book, Horse Photography: The Dynamic Guide for Horse Lovers. Long recognized as a gifted artist herself, Walker generously opens the way for amateurs to raise the standard of their own work.

Horse Photography: Capturing the Action

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When people tell me that they are unhappy with their action photos, one of the first things that I check is are the photos in focus, or are they blurry? If they are not sharp, most of the time this will be due to shooting with too slow a shutter speed. One of the beauties of todays new cameras is …

Horse Photography: Consider the breed you are photographing – Andalusians

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This week, I am attending the Foundation of the Pure Spanish Horse’s Celebration Show in Las Vegas, so it is appropriate for me to discuss photographing different breeds of horses, with this week’s feature on the Andalusian. When photographing horses, consider the breed of the horse you are photographing when you select what types of photos you will take, …

Horse Photography: Selecting a Good Background is Important

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When photographing horses, if you take some time preparing for your shoot before you get started, you will improve your results. One of the very important things to consider when shooting horses (photographically, of course!) is the background behind your subject. Light colored horses will show up much better against a dark colored background – the contrast will show them …

Horse Photography: What time of Day is Best to Take Photos of Horses?

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When you are photographing horses and other subjects,  take into account the quality and quantity of light on your subject. We see because of light, and we can photograph because there is light. Taking advantage of the best light so that you can improve your photos is important. Have you noticed that in the middle of the day, shadows are harsh …

Horse Photography – Choosing the right lens length DOES make a difference

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Have you been having trouble with your images of horses? Does the horse’s head look elongated and silly, and does his body look disproportional? You may be using too short a lens on your camera. [box type=warn]If you photograph a horse while standing very close and with a short lens, say 28mm or 35 mm or even 50mm, you will …