Sable Island Stallions in Black and White

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The wild horses of Sable Island live in a magical place, a small sand island far off the coast of Halifax Nova Scotia, battered by wind and tides but home to over 500 wild horses, birds and a huge colony of gray seals. These horses live out their lives unmolested by helicopters or roundups. Here are two images from my trip there two years ago when I was luck enough to spend time with these iconic horses.

Here two bachelor stallions who are good friends come together near the waterhole. I love the soft look in the stallion on the right’s eye. I like black and white for this image because it draws attention to the lines of the image.

It can be found on my new website here: Two Sable Island Bachelor Stallions

This image is of a gorgeous pure black Sable Island stallion who is devoted to his family. He has a mane twining down to his knees, and here he looks toward his family. Black and white is again my favorite because it highlights the twists and turns of his long mane.

This image can be found on my new website here: Sable Island Black Beauty Turns

Both these images are also available in sepia tone in my Sepia gallery here: Sepia

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Living Images by Carol Walker

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