Stunning Sable Island Stallions

Carol WalkerFeatured Artwork

Sable Island is a magical place. Located 100 miles from Halifax, Nova Scotia, it is a 42 km long sand island that is home to birds, grey seals and about 500 wild horses. The weather in the winter is very harsh, yet these wild horses thrive there, and they are free to roam with their families with no fear of interference by humans. Although I am captivated by all of the wild horses there, the stallions inspire me in a special way with their very long tangled and dreadlocked manes, their fierce pride and their gentle protectiveness with their mare and foals. I find that black and white is a dramatic way to highlight them within their environment.

“Sable Island Black Beauty”

This gorgeous black stallion with the long flowing manes seemed like a character from a fairy tale.

“The Black Sable Stallion’s Portrait”

The black stallion turns to look at another stallion heading toward his family.

“Two Stallions on the Beach”

These two stallions greet each other and walk together for a brief while, then both turn back to their families.

“Portrait of a Wild Sable Stallion”

This stallion looked at me curiously as he was walking back to his family.

“Sable Island Stallion Looks Back”

This stallion looks back at another family before returning to his own.

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