The Feisty Wild Filly and Her Family

Carol WalkerWild Horse Tales

I have been visiting the wild horses in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming for the last 4 years. The most enjoyable part of my trips are getting to know wild families, and the longer I spend with them, the more their unique personalities shine through. This spring it was challenging to get out to the horse areas because of the rain and mud, but one morning I caught a glimpse at a distance of a special wild family. the foal was obviously quite young and small and mom had no interest in being anywhere near any other families, so I watched them at the other end of a large waterhole. The foal seemed really brave already, venturing into the waterhole.

The next time I saw them, the foal had grown and they were willing to get closer to the other horses.

The gorgeous wild stallion Triton

There was a beautiful pinto stallion dogging this family, following them but not getting close enough to get chased away by the beautiful pinto stallion I call Triton.

The other stallion has a close encounter with Triton

And then he gets chased away through the water

The whole family spreads out to graze after getting some water, and the filly lies down for a nap. Soon, her dad decides it is time for her to get up.

Time to get up!

Clearly completely unafraid, she goes back to sleep, ignoring him.

The filly goes back to sleep

He finally gets her up.

Ok, ok, I’ll get up.

The whole family goes to drink again and Triton hangs back protectively.

Guarding from the rear, as stallions do

Here is mom on the left, her yearling filly on the right and the new filly in the middle

The three girls

The whole family

He knows the filly is back there, his ears show it

The filly clearly loves to play, and reaches out with her front leg to paw at him behind his back.

I am hoping that this family can remain wild and free this year and forever in their home in the Red Desert in Wyoming.

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