Wild Horses: The Curious Family

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

This summer I visited wild horses in Oregon for the first time. One of the most enjoyable mornings was just before dawn in the Palomino Butte Herd Management Area. And yes there are Palominos there! We saw a group of horses a few hundred feet from the road, so I got my camera and started walking slowly to them. The …

The mare - wild and free

Wild Horses: A Young Stallion’s First Mare

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

Two weeks ago when I was visiting the Adobe Town Herd Management Area in Wyoming, I realized that I had to go on a detour to get to the area I had planned to go. The detour road was long and winding, and I passed a beautiful landmark that I had never seen before, Table Rock. As I passed by …


Wild Horse Tales – Meeting the Funny Family

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

My first Wild Horse Tale is about a family I met in June on my first trip to the South Steens Herd Management Area in Oregon. You will see why we named them “the funny family.” From the car, I could see a small group of wild horses together with more horses and cattle in the distance. I did not …