Carol Walker Presents on Wild Horses at R Gallery in Boulder on February 28

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Carol J. Walker Presents “The Tonic of Wildness” about America’s Wild Horses 7 pm on Tuesday, February 28, 2023 R Gallery+Wine Bar 2027 Broadway, Boulder, CO 80302 Carol will also be selling and signing her books, including her newest award-winning book, Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert.

Looking Glass Protects His Family

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

When I visited Looking Glass and his family last month in Lost Creek, Wyoming the first thing I noticed was how tense Looking Glass was. He is normally a very relaxed stallion, easy to approach and spend time with. He kept looking north. I realized quickly that I was not the cause of his tension. The reason for Looking Glass’ …

Blue Zeus Book Signing and Solo Show at R Gallery in Boulder, CO This Weekend

Carol Walker Featured Artwork

This coming Friday, October 7 from 4:00 – 6:00 pm I will be at R Gallery in Boulder selling and signing my new book Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert and I will be happy to personalize the books for you. This month I am the solo artist with a show at the gallery, so quite a few pieces …

Meet Donata, Lost Creek’s Newest Wild Appaloosa Foal

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

by Carol J. Walker As I was driving in Lost Creek before dawn, I was in an area where I had been used to seeing the wild Leopard Appaloosa Looking Glass and his family. I had not seen him, however, since last October. Suddenly I saw horses off the road, a huge group which as soon as I got out …

Wild Salt Wells Creek Stallion is a Survivor

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

In the spring of 2013 while I was visiting and photographing the wild horses of Salt Wells Creek, I encountered a stunning blue-eyed stallion who made me laugh with his funny expression, listening to a stallion behind him and his family.   I had no idea that I would encounter him again  – there were roundups in Salt Wells Creek …

The Story of a Curly Cremello Colt

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

On a beautiful morning in May 2020, I was photographing family bands of wild horses as they left where they were drinking along a creek in Salt Wells Creek. They were moving to an open area where they would spread out and graze and nap. Suddenly I caught sight of a tiny cremello foal with a dark buckskin mare. As …

Meet Wild Stallion Gadriel and His Colorful Family

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

In May, as I was looking for wild horses in Arapahoe Creek, I saw several bands at a distance. I looked for a two track that might take me nearby, and was soon traveling toward three wild horse families. One of these families had a gorgeous black and white stallion and three pinto foals, a stunning dappled grey mare and …

Hope for Wild Horses as the Day Dawns over Salt Wells Creek

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I am calling this piece “Hope.” Two weeks ago I was driving toward a mountaintop waterhole and the sun began to rise. As it peeked over the hill I could see a family of wild horses standing in front of the rising sun. And suddenly I heard the thunder of hooves – many hooves! There was a huge group of …

Book Review for Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert

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I am really honored to have received this wonderful review of my new book Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert from Feathered Quill: “Carol Walker, animal lover and advocate for America’s wild horses, offers her latest work, Blue Zeus: Legend of the Red Desert, that will educate readers about the plight of these majestic animals, as well as bring …

A New Family for a Red Desert Complex Stallion

Carol Walker Wild Horse Tales

In September of 2020, I met Abelardo and his family for the first time when they were getting a drink of water in the morning in the Red Desert Complex in Wyoming. I was stunned by his beautiful markings, and enjoyed watching his large family, which included a cremello mare and foals, and a grey mare and her black foal. …